What Are the Qualifications for LASIK Eye Surgery?

Since the technology was limited before, LASIK surgery has strict qualifications because they want to limit the risks involved with the treatment as much as possible. Now that the technology has been more advanced and improved, the procedure can accommodate more patients who want LASIK surgery.

During 1998, if you have astigmatism you are not qualified to undergo LASIK. Now, you can undergo LASIK surgery even with high amounts of astigmatism. We can observe that with the 21 years there has been so much improvement in technology.

The checklist for LASIK candidacy determines if you are perfectly fit or a qualified patient to undergo LASIK:

  • You must be 18 years old and above because your eyes should have grown completely or ocular maturity.
  • Your prescription must be within the ideal treatable limits for LASIK. You will undergo an eye exam to check this.
  • Your eyesight should be in a good condition with eyeglasses or contact lenses on.
  • Your corneal thickness and shape are also considered because with LASIK, the corneal flap is created. PRK surgery is more suitable if your cornea is too thin.
  • Your general health can be a reason for you not to pursue LASIK. There are serious conditions that can make your situation worse.
  • If you have keratoconus, you are not advised to get LASIK because it will cause further complications.

qualifications for lasik

What Are the Disqualifications for Candidacy in LASIK Surgery?

The common reason why a person is not a qualified candidate for LASIK surgery is because of their astigmatism.

These are the three reasons that make you a non-candidate for LASIK:

  • The cornea has been treated by laser. It is too thin to be safely treated with a laser.
  • The cornea is not in a good shape. It may be too steep, too flat, or too lumpy.
  • The lens inside the eye is too cloudy.

If you are pregnant or currently breastfeeding, you should postpone your LASIK surgery.

qualifications for lasik

The Different Opinions of Eye Doctors About LASIK

Opinions can differ from doctors. You may experience being a candidate for LASIK and being disqualified by different doctors which is hard because you will not know what you should do about it.

The diagnostics contribute to the decision if LASIK is safe and effective in your condition. Do not be shy to ask your eye doctor to explain the results of your tests for you to fully understand if LASIK is the best choice for you.

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