What Can I Do to Minimize the Recovery Time of Cataract Surgery?

The recovery time for cataract surgery is known to be short and uneventful if you followed the instructions of your surgeon and attend all follow-up check-ups.

Cataract surgery with no complications can take no longer than 10 minutes. After surgery, you will be in the recovery area until the anesthesia wears off which usually takes about 30 minutes to an hour.

It is a must to have someone after the procedure because you will need someone to accompany you on the way home. A pair of sunglasses that will protect your eye from the bright light and glare is given before discharge for you to wear on the way home.

The protective shield that is placed in your eye after the procedure can be removed according to the advice of the cataract surgeon. You will be needing tape to put back the shield during naps that will serve as protection as you recover.

minimize the recovery time of cataract surgery

What Is the Usual Recovery Time for Cataract Surgery?

In removing the eye shield, it is important not to panic when your vision looks cloudy, blurry, or distorted because it is a normal reaction of the visual system. It should only last an hour.

Red and bloodshot eyes can occur because of the temporary damage in the blood vessels during the surgery. The redness should subside within several days, as your eye heals.

If there is anesthesia injected in your skin or the lower portion of the eye, bruising that is similar to the black eye may occur but it will fade in a few days.

Attend follow-up appointments to make sure that there are no complications. Notify your surgeon if you do not notice any improvement in your vision.

The healing time of an individual differs. The full cataract surgery recovery should be within a month or when the eye is completely healed.

minimize the recovery time of cataract surgery

Things That You Should Do to Get the Best Cataract Surgery Recovery

Follow the precautions during the first week to avoid developing any complications. An antibiotic eye drop is prescribed to prevent infection and reduce any inflammation internally. You will be needing to apply it several times daily after surgery.

These are the tips that you should follow for a safe cataract surgery recovery:

  • Do not drive on the first day after surgery.
  • Do not lift heavy objects for weeks.
  • Avoid bending over to prevent inserting extra pressure on the eye.
  • Do not sneeze or vomit after surgery.
  • Be careful when walking after surgery.
  • Avoid swimming or using a hot tub in the first week of recovery.
  • Avoid any exposure to irritants.
  • Do not rub your eye after surgery.

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