What Are There Apps, Devices, and Technologies for People With Vision Impairment?

The advancement of technology has led us to many innovations and breakthroughs that help in making our life easy. An example would be applications on the phone that allow you to book yourself a ride which is essential when you do not own a car. The technology tools are not limited, as time goes by the more advanced it goes.

With the use of technology, there are apps, devices, and resources designed to help people with vision impairments. It gives them the support that they need when they are reading or navigating to a destination.

Large fonts and high contrast in your devices are a great help when you have trouble reading. A smartphone or tablet comes with built-in tools that help you to control it properly.

If you are an Apple user, two built-in tools can help you which are voice-over and Siri. A voiceOver reads the things that are occurring on your screen, while Siri is a voice recognition system that allows you to command it to send messages and place phone calls.

If you are an Android user, TalkBack is the built-in screen reader in android. If Apple has Siri, Android uses Google Assistant which acts as a virtual helper when you use voice commands.

apps for people with vision impairment

What Are the Apps That Can Help in Daily Tasks and Object Identification?

  • Seeing AI is an IOS app that narrates or describes what you have shown in the camera including money currency and colors.
  • Lookout is an android app that gives you feedback regarding the things around you with the help of a camera and sensors in the device.
  • Be My Eyes is both an IOS and android app that uses live video calls with volunteers that can read for them.
  • Brighter and Bigger is both an IOS and android app that helps people to read the fine print.
  • Nearby Explorer is both an IOS and android app that gives you GPS navigation, directions in pedestrian, data of transit and transportation modes.
  • Blind Bargains is both an IOS and android app that allows you to shop products for the visually impaired.

apps for people with vision impairment

What Are the New Technologies Coming Soon for People With Vision Impairment?

The new technologies coming for people with low vision are known to be canetroller and feel the view. Both use vibrations and sounds to help people map out space or see what is outside.

People with low vision can access help in low vision centers wherein they provide training and support in using these tools to address their needs in daily activities.

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