What Are the Top Eye Care Questions in 2020?

Since the spread of Covid-19, most people spend their time at home. There are different questions submitted to ophthalmologists to guide them in the uncertainty of their eye diseases at home.

The top question that is widely asked is about the screen time concerning the eyes of the children. During the pandemic, schools and daycares are closed which means students attend their class online.

Parents are concerned since they spend most of their time in front of tablet and computer screens. Many people address this problem by purchasing eyeglasses that will give them protection from the blue light that digital screens emit.

top eye care questions in 2020

How to Improvise Your Medicine Cabinet?

People are not allowed to go out if it’s unnecessary. They tend to avoid shopping centers because it is crowded which gives them no choice but to use what they have at home.

These are the usual questions that are being asked about the medicines that they have on hand:

  • What is the safety range to use a bottle of eye drops?

The safety range of using a bottle of eye drops depends on its expiration date but if you opened it already, throw the bottle after three months.

  • Can you use a regular antibiotic ointment to treat a scratched cornea such as Neosporin?

It is important to know what form of Neosporin you have because they have for the skin. It is okay to use the ophthalmic version of Neosporin to help the cornea heal.

  • Is rinsing your eyes with a contact solution a bad thing?

It is safe but it is not recommended. You may use OTC artificial tears to moisten your eyes.

top eye care questions in 2020

What to Do With Delayed Eye Care Procedures?

It is hard to go to the hospital because of the current health situation. Ophthalmologists paved the way in categorizing what is urgent, in-person care, and the issues that can be resolved at home.

Cataract makes your vision cloudy which makes it an urgent problem because of the disturbance it has to your visual field. Floaters do not qualify as an emergency during a pandemic but if it is accompanied by flashes of light, seek urgent care immediately.

If your child has a lazy eye during the COVID pandemic, you should discuss your concerns. You may be asked to take a photo of it or a video consultation. Your ophthalmologist will determine the best course of action in the meantime while you wait for an in-office visit.

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