5 Ways to Prepare Your Eyes for Summer

As the weather warms and the days lengthen, we often consider how we may improve our health and become in better shape. Do not forget to make a plan for keeping your eyes happy as you prepare to enjoy the outdoors this summer.

Here are five things you can do this summer to keep your eyes safe and healthy:

1. Make sure you don’t acquire a “sunburn of the eye”.

5 ways to prepare your eyes for summer

Photokeratitis is a painful disorder caused by sunlight reflecting off the water, sand, or other highly reflective surfaces into your eyes. When the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays burn the surface of your eye, this is known as photokeratitis. This illness causes pain, redness, blurriness, and sometimes temporary vision loss. Wear sunglasses with a label that says “100% UV protection” to avoid photokeratitis. Also, wear a hat with a broad rim for increased eye protection.

2. Avoid getting “swimmer’s eye” in the pool.

5 ways to prepare your eyes for summer

Pools can be difficult to look at. The natural tear film that keeps our eyes moist and healthy may be disrupted by chlorine and other chemicals used to keep the water clean. What is the result? Eyes that are red and gritty, and blurry vision. Wearing swim goggles in the pool and soon after coming out of the pool splashing your closed eyes with fresh water will keep your eyes feeling and looking excellent.

3. Prevent dry eyes.

5 ways to prepare your eyes for summer

When it’s hot, dry, or windy outside, it might irritate a common condition called dry eye. The tear film is affected by a hot, dry atmosphere, which dries out the eye’s surface. Wear wrap-around spectacles to keep the wind away from the surface of your eyes in these conditions. To keep your eyes moist and refreshed, use artificial tears (ideally preservative-free).

4. When it comes to eye protection, do not take chances.

5 ways to prepare your eyes for summer

More time spent outside usually entails more outdoor work and play. Always wear protective eyewear whether mowing the yard, clipping weeds, or playing baseball.

Although more than half of all eye injuries occur at home, only around one out of every three people wears eye protection when they should. Do not become a statistic when it comes to eye injuries!

5. Stop smoking.

Consider quitting smoking as a way to improve your health this summer. Cigarette smoke, particularly secondhand smoke, not only aggravates dry eye, but also raises the risk of cataracts, macular degeneration, and other eye problems. Quitting smoking lowers your chances of developing eye damage and other serious health issues.

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