Apps Used for Eye Health Screening

A lot of advancements have been made with the help of technology. Telemedicine appointments are very popular as we face the COVID-19 pandemic. Some patients skipped eye care because of the current situation. With the help of strict hygiene and disinfection procedures, in-person appointments are now available. Patients do not need to worry because of the implemented health protocols. Despite this assurance, many people still avoid eye exams.

Since they cannot visit eye doctors, they rely on eye health apps that help in screening eye health. It is important to know that these apps do not replace the comprehensive eye exam performed by an ophthalmologist. The advantage of having this app is it can help you to manage your eye conditions and can alert you when you need a doctor. Make sure to ask your eye care team about apps and technologies that can help in addressing your personal needs.

  • Verana Vision Test is a free iOS app that tracks your vision over time. An Amsler grid is used which helps in detecting problematic spots in the field of vision. The results are recorded in the app that allows you to share them with your physician.
  • MaculaTester is a paid android and iOS app that detects visual changes that can present signs of diabetic retinopathy or macular degeneration.
  • EyeXam is a free android app that can test vision at home and helps you to locate an eye care provider. Astigmatism, eye dominance, and color perception can also be tested in this app.

What Are the Disease Screening Apps?

snellen chart on an app

  • Dry Eye Questionnaire is a free iOS app that uses a question that determines if you have chronic dry eye. Ocular surface disease index is the measurement used. Make an appointment with an ophthalmologist if the app indicates you may have a dry eye.
  • CRADLE White Eye Detector helps in detecting leukocoria. The app uses artificial intelligence in scanning pictures on the phone. The earlier it is detected, the better for vision.

Are There Apps for Lens and Medicine Tracking?

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  • Contact Lens Tracker helps you to keep track of when to replace your contact lenses. You will be asked to enter information about contact lenses which will be the basis when the app will notify you to replace them.
  • EyeDropAlarm helps many people to take drops and keeps a record. It aims to help patients with glaucoma, dry eyes, and uveitis to not miss their eye medicine doses.
  • MyTherapy helps people with different medications such as glaucoma medication doses. The app also allows you to record important things such as blood pressure and blood sugar which is essential to report for your next doctor appointment.

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