Are Contact Lenses Safe for Children?

If your child requests to sit in the front row, he/ she may be needing eyeglasses for better vision. There are instances where your child hesitates in wearing their glasses on because they are embarrassed to wear them. It will be a major problem if your child fears going to school because of his or her glasses.

Not many parents consider contact lenses for vision correction for their children. Do not be surprised by the fact that there is no prescribed age in wearing contacts. Some parents worry that their child may be too young to use contact lenses.

Reports showed that eight-year-olds are capable of taking care of their contacts. There are circumstances where infants have prescribed contacts because of some eye conditions. As a parent, you are the only one who can determine if your child is ready to use contact lenses.

Before you get contact lenses for your child, make sure that your child must be responsible and careful. He or she should also understand proper hygiene and knows how to take care of his or her contact lens. If you can observe that your child can keep their contacts in a good condition, you may want to consider getting a contact lens for him/ her.

are contact lenses safe for children

Why Your Child Should Get Contact Lenses

Some children are self-conscious when they wear eyeglasses. The use of contact lenses can eliminate thick lenses on their glasses and boost their confidence at the same time. Contact lens allows your child to see more clearly because the peripheral vision is not blocked by the frame of eyeglasses.

Children who are active in playing sports can use contact lenses so they do not have to worry that they can break their glasses when a ball lands on their face. A steadier vision is provided by contact lenses which is helpful when your child runs and jumps.

are contact lenses safe for children

Can Contact Lenses Cause Problems for Your Child?

The worst part of using contact lenses is to develop an infection if it is not properly taken care of. Eye irritation might occur when your child did not clean their lenses properly. If the situation is serious, it may even lead to vision loss.

To avoid infection or eye irritation, make sure that your child knows how to clean their contact lenses properly. RGP contact lenses and daily soft lenses are a great option for your child. Your child may be educated on how to care for the lenses once they get his or her contact lenses.

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