Are High-Tech Contact Lenses Available Now?

Today, we live in an advanced world that allows us to experience smarter technology. It is common for people to wear contact lenses to correct their vision. Scientists continually develop better contact lens technology that aims to improve the quality of life for people with low vision. They also want to develop a technology that helps in preventing and treating eye diseases.

The United States Food and Drug Administration approved two high-tech contact lenses that are available now. Myopia or nearsightedness is a refractive error that requires multiple lenses to restore vision. The new OrthoK contact lens redirects the light that hits the retina which allows the cornea to reshape and correct myopia.

Another contact lens that has been approved by the FDA is Johnson & Johnson’s light-adaptive contact lens. It is similar to how transition lenses work. The contact lenses will automatically darken in sunlight because of the photochromic filter that it has. The feature is responsible for adjusting the amount of light that enters the eye. You can expect it to return to regular tint under dimly lit environments.

What Are the Futuristic Contact Lenses?

are high-tech contact lenses available now

Scientists do not only develop high-tech lenses for improving vision but also for many uses such as monitoring eye health and being able to magnify images for people with low vision. These are the upcoming lenses that are not yet approved for consumer use. Some are still undergoing clinical trials while others are in the first stage only.

● Johnson & Johnson developed a disposable lens that is loaded with medicine that can relieve itchy eyes. It may be helpful for people who suffer from allergies because it can dispense antihistamines.
● Mojo Vision works in developing a patented lens that can display content from a smartphone.
● Researchers are working to develop a contact lens that can prevent corneal melting. A new hydrogel contact lens may help in preventing the disease to occur.
● CooperVision Inc. created a new contact lens that helps in eye fatigue associated with the use of digital devices. The design of lens material is helpful because it enables your eye to retain its moisture, especially during screen use.

Type of Contact Lenses to Treat Glaucoma

are high-tech contact lenses available now

It is good news for patients who have glaucoma and use highly concentrated eye drops every day. A contact lens that can deliver glaucoma medication to the eye may be possible. Missing eye drops can lead to blindness. The Leo Lens Technology who developed that kind of lens has not yet entered clinical trials.

Bionode created a glasses combination system and gold-trace contact lens as a treatment for glaucoma. The iOPTx system on the other hand, reduces eye pressure using electromagnetic stimulation. The clinical trials are now currently ongoing in Spain.

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