Best Contact Lens Options Against Dry Eyes

Chronic dry eyes could really be bothersome for contact lens wearers. It may cause discomfort and could interfere with ordinary activities while using contact lenses.

Imagine feeling a burning, stinging, and dryness sensation caused by dry eyes while wearing your contact lens. It could be so uncomfortable, which is why eye doctors discourage people with chronic dry eyes to stay away from contact lenses. Fortunately, the developing technology has made dry eyes and contact lens no longer a problem.

Best Contact Lens Options Against Dry Eyes

Best Contact Lens Options

For people with dry eyes, it is highly advised to use soft lenses as these allow more oxygen to pass through. If dry eyes severely conflict with your contact lenses, you should consider changing to a different type of contact lenses. Choose the best contact lens depending on the cause of dry eyes. These options include:

Soft lenses. The components of soft contacts are designed to maintain water for moisture and allow oxygen to pass through the lens, allowing the eyes to breathe.

Water content. People with dry eyes should choose contacts with lower levels of moisture. Contacts with higher wetness level could worsen dry eye as they draw water out of the eyes just to be able to maintain the high wetness level.

Silicone hydrogels. Though a bit more costly, silicone hydrogels could provide relief for dry eyes. Silicone requires less moisture than other contact lenses and lets more oxygen to pass through.

Frequent Replacement. Studies revealed that people who change their contact lenses more often feel more comfortable wearing them. Daily contacts are one of the best ways to ensure comfort. to be the best way to ensure comfort.

Best Contact Lens Options Against Dry Eyes

There are several brands and types of contact lens to choose from. You may have to try a few ones before finding the best and most comfortable brand. It is highly recommended to speak with your doctor to know the best options you can try such as:

ProClear. Known to be best for people with dry eyes
Biofinity. Made of silicone hydrogel that keep the lenses moist
Acuvue Oasys. Best for moisture and ultraviolet light protection
Air Optix. Helps to repel buildup and retain moisture in the eye

Take note that persistent dry eyes can increase the risk of further complications, including:

  • poor quality of life caused by difficulty reading or other normal activities
  • eye injuries similar to corneal ulcer, corneal abrasion, and eye inflammation
  • eye infections from decreased tears

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