Beware of Unsterile Eye Drops and Ointments! Walgreens and Walmart Recalled Several Products

Beware of nonsterile products that may cause permanent damage and serious infections. It’s time to check the medicine cabinet.

Walgreens and Walmart have recently coordinated with medical experts to recall unsafe products that are risky for their consumers. Considering that these products are applied internally in our eyes, it poses great risks for infections.

Beware of Unsterile Eye Drops and Ointments

Precautionary Measure

From prescription ointments to eyedrops all suspected to be unsterile were immediately pulled out before damage is done. New York-based Altaire Pharmaceuticals Inc. declared voluntary recalls for Walgreens, Walmart, and Perrigo store brand products. According to their recall announcements on the FDA (Food and Drug Administration’s website), there were 23 products suspected of “non sterility”.

The recalls were tagged as “precautionary measure” and that the application of a non-sterile product expected to be sterile results in serious and life-threatening infections which may result in death.

Beware of Unsterile Eye Drops and Ointments

Walgreens and Walmart recall

For Walgreens stores, Altaire recalled various over-the-counter and prescription eye drops as well as ophthalmic ointments. This includes sodium chloride ophthalmic ointment, solutions, lubricant ointment, and moisturizing eye drops. All products are under the Walgreens brand name.

Walmart also recalled exclusive products such as gel drops, allergy relief, and eyedrops along with Perrigo prescription ointments. Fortunately, there have been no reports yet of casualties caused by the products. The company claims that the products were recalled at the right time before more damage was done.

To see the complete list of products recalled, visit the FDA website.

Double Check Your Medicine Labels

This has served as a lesson to manufacturers as well as consumers to double-check products. Look twice when choosing the products to use. Choose only the trusted brands especially when it comes to medicines and eye products, which are applied directly to our system and may cause instant and lethal side effects.

Do your research properly before applying or taking any medicine. Consult your doctor for the right prescription and always conduct a patch test on any ointment you will use.

What to do?

There are several precautionary measures that the company has provided. Consumers with any questions regarding this recall can contact Altaire Pharmaceuticals Inc. through their respective contact numbers or email.

If you have used any of the products recalled or experienced any discomfort that may be associated with taking or using the suspected products, Altaire advocates contacting your doctor right away.

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