Can Caffeine Treat Dry Eye Syndrome?

People with dry eye syndrome know how irritating it is to have that kind of condition. In the U.S. population, approximately five percent of the population has dry eye syndrome. The syndrome is common in women and those who are aged 50 and above. People who suffer from dry eye syndrome may be happy with the possibility that caffeine can be a relief for their condition.

Most people start their day drinking coffee. The new study suggested that caffeine increases tear production and it can possibly be effective as a treatment for dry eye syndrome. In the small study, all of the participants produced more tears after they consumed caffeine than when they took a placebo. Caffeine affected about half of all people as estimated but it varies by ethnic group.

There has been an earlier study that showed only 13 percent of caffeine users have dry eyes than the non-users who have 17 percent. Multiple research is needed before ophthalmologists can conclude that there is a connection between caffeine and tear production. More research will also determine how to best use it to treat dry eyes.

Does Dry Eye Affect Your Vision?

red eye of a man

People with dry eyes are not able to maintain a healthy layer of tears which makes it insufficient to keep the eye moist. The vision is affected because a healthy layer of tears is needed to make good vision possible. Dry eyes can result in a stinging, burning, or scratchy feeling in the eye. You are also at risk of eye infection without adequate tears because lubrication washes away the debris present in your eyes. There are cases where people with dry eyes lead to a vision-damaging disease.

What Should I Do if Dry Eye Symptoms Persist?

doctor dropping eyedrops on a woman's eye

Make sure to schedule a visit to your ophthalmologist if dry eye symptoms continue. These are the symptoms that commonly affect both eyes:

Eye redness
● Irritated eyes
● Eye fatigue
● Blurred vision
● Presence of stringy mucus in or around the eye
● Difficulty in wearing contact lenses
● Difficulty with driving at night
● A feeling that there is a foreign object in the eye

It is important to see a doctor if you experience prolonged signs and symptoms of dry eyes. There are different treatment options for dry eye which includes simple warm compresses, eyewashes, artificial tear medications, and tear drainage devices. Your ophthalmologist can help you to determine what is wrong with your eyes and take appropriate steps to improve your condition.

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