Can Exfoliating Scrubs Scratch Your Eye?

Nowadays, the use of skincare products is popular. It was recently found that many skincare products have microbeads which are tiny bits of plastic. Microbeads are used to exfoliate debris from the face and body. It is important to be careful in using skincare products with microbeads because they can be lodged in the eye and scratch the cornea.

There is a similar danger in gritty exfoliating scrubs in addition to microbeads. Apricot scrubs with walnut shell powder, sugar, coffee grounds, and pumice stones are active exfoliating ingredients. Be careful in using the mentioned ingredients.

Dr. Laurie Barber, an ophthalmologist, discovered a tiny and clear bead that is embedded behind the upper eyelid of the patient which caused corneal abrasion. The microbead was plucked from the eye of the patient who used a facial cleanser before going to bed.

There are cases where corneal abrasion can have no permanent effect on vision and can healt completely. If the scratch on the eye is deeper, it can cause corneal scarring or a corneal ulcer. A corneal ulcer is a worst-case scenario because it is a deep wound that can damage vision permanently. If a corneal ulcer is left untreated, it can cause blindness.

How to Know if Corneal Abrasion Occurs?

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Be alert all the time. You should know the signs and symptoms of corneal abrasions. Knowing it is important because it will determine your next step. Seek help from an ophthalmologist if you think that corneal abrasion occurred.

These are the symptoms of corneal abrasion:

● A feeling of having sand or grit in the eye
● You are making a lot of tears
● Redness of the eye
● Blurring of vision
● Sensitive to light

How to Protect Your Eyes When Washing Your Face

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Now, U.S. law prohibits microbeads in personal care products. The good news is the products on the market are now mostly free from microplastic and other substances that are harmful to the eye. You might want to consider the following tips when washing your face to protect your eyes:

● Wash hands before you wash your face to keep grit and grime from getting into the eye.
● Use products that are free of microbeads and gritty exfoliants.
● Do not rub your face dry.
● If a product gets into the eye, rinse it with water immediately.
● Do not rub your eye if you feel like there is something inside. Rubbing can scratch the cornea.
● Visit an ophthalmologist if it keeps getting worse or the symptoms do not go away. An ophthalmologist can guide you to make safe decisions about the products you use.

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