Choosing the Best Type of Colored Contact Lenses

Not all people have the eye color that they want. With this option, you can change your eye color with the use of colored contact lenses. It can enhance your look and make you look different on special occasions.

It is available in two forms – both prescription and non-prescription form:

Prescription color contacts can correct your nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism and enhance your eye color.

Plano color contacts are the non-prescription form which is for fashion or cosmetic purposes only. It does not have lens power to correct vision.

Choosing the Best Type of Colored Contact Lenses

Different Types of Color Contacts

Most designs make the iris or the colored part of the eye look natural with colored contact lenses.

You can see in the contact lens that there are dots and lines to make the contacts look natural on the eye. The center of the lens is clear and free from dots and lines so you can see very clearly.

There are three kinds of tints for color contacts:

  • Visibility tint refers to the light blue or green tint that is added to the lens but it does not affect eye color. The purpose of this color is to make it more visible and easy to see during insertion and removal or if you drop it on the table.
  • Enhancement tint is a see-through tint but it looks a little darker than visibility. This tint is perfect for individuals who have light-colored eyes because it enhances their eye color to look more vibrant and natural.
  • An opaque tint is non-transparent and perfect for dark-colored eyes to change their eye color. It is available in hazel, green, blue, violet, and other colors.

Contact lenses used for costume or theater where you can do a transformation of yourself using opaque color tints because of the special effect it can have.

Choosing the Best Type of Colored Contact Lenses

Perfect Color for Your Eyes

There are many factors where you can base if the color of your contact lens matches your appearance such as hair color and skin tone.

Custom-tinted contact lenses are available for both prescription and non-prescription. It will make you look unique with your individualized look.

There are daily disposable color contacts available if you want to change your eye color according to the occasion.

It is safe to use colored contact lenses as long as you clean and use them properly. Visit an eye doctor to help you choose color contacts that are perfect for you and look natural on you.

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