Contacts for the Eyes

Contact lenses are the savior if you find wearing eyeglasses a hassle for everyday life. What if you experience difficulty wearing contact lenses? or have been informed that wearing contact lenses is not a good choice for you?

If you have experienced this, then there is nothing to worry about. It just means that your eyes are hard to fit but does not mean that you cannot wear contact lenses.

Contacts for the Eyes

What are the Right Lens for You?

Choosing and wearing the right contact lenses can hinder eye condition. These are some of the conditions that can hinder the fitting of contact lenses:

  • Keratoconus
  • Astigmatism
  • Presbyopia

If you suspect that you have any of these conditions or have been clinically checked to have any of these conditions, you may visit an eye professional who specializes in contact lenses to provide you more information and help you choose the right contact lenses for you.

Professionals who specialize in contact lenses are usually updated to the newest options and contact lenses. Some of these professionals also use technologies that can precisely measure your cornea to provide you the best fitting contact lens.

Contacts for the Eyes

What Lens Should I Use for Keratoconus?

Vision problems caused by keratoconus can be corrected by contact lenses specially made for irregular corneas. If you have been clinically checked to have keratoconus and is having difficulty to see clearly even with glasses, then these type of contact lenses is for you:

  • Gas permeable contact lenses
  • Piggybacking contact lenses
  • Scleral contact lenses
  • Hybrid contact lenses
  • Soft contacts for keratoconus

What Lens Should I Use for Astigmatism?

There are lenses specifically designed to correct astigmatism. These lenses are called Toric Contact lenses. This type of contact lens is available in both soft and rigid gas permeable lens materials. Soft toric contact lenses are more popular than the rigid lens because this design does not require a break-in period and are more comfortable.

Toric gas permeable lenses are at times used in order to correct a much higher or lesser common type of astigmatism. But regular gas permeable lenses can still correct common corneal astigmatism.

What Lens Should I Use for Presbyopia?

Individuals who experience presbyopia are given monovision or a bifocal contact lens. Bifocal contact lenses have a more complex design compared to other regular lenses because a precise fitting is important for quality results. Because of this, finding the correct lens for presbyopia is more burdensome and can cost more than a typical contact lens.

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