Coronavirus Can Stay in Your Eyeglasses! Here is How to Disinfect Them

Surprisingly, most people forget to disinfect their eyeglasses when they come home. Admit it, most of us just focus on spraying alcohol on our hands and other extremities – but not the eyeglasses.

Here is what you should keep in mind. Eyeglasses are made of materials where coronavirus can lurk on for hours. Just how you do it with your hands, experts advise the public to disinfect your eyeglasses with alcohol or soap and water to eliminate the virus.

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Here is What You Could Be Missing

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, disinfecting has become a habit and part of the “new normal” for everyone. This is the quickest, most budget-friendly, and effective way to battle against the coronavirus. However, while we are all busy sanitizing the most frequently touched surfaces, we are overlooking something crucial.

Yes, doorknobs, phones, and light switches must definitely be sanitized and so do your eyeglasses. Unexpectedly, your eyeglasses can harbor coronavirus up to four days. A recent study published in the Journal of Hospital Infection, they claim that coronavirus can stay alive on glass surfaces for up to four days. Plastics and stainless steels on the other hand, can accommodate the virus for about three days.

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How to Protect Yourself From Coronavirus

To ensure your safety, always keep your eyewear germ-free. It is best to avoid touching your eyeglasses when outside. Dr. Barbara Horn, the American Optometric Association president advises the public to follow a regular cleaning routine for your eyeglasses. Although eyeglasses may not be the main culprit in spreading the virus, it is still best to be careful at all times. Since coronavirus can live on to many surfaces, make sure you know how to properly clean your eyeglasses.

How to Properly Clean Your Eyeglasses

The very first thing to do in combating the lurking virus is to disinfect your whole body right before you step into your house. After running errands and working outside, germs and viruses may already be accumulating in your clothes, accessories, hands, and your feet. If you could, wash everything right away or if not, spray alcohol on every surface of your body, accessories, and things.

So, how do you exactly clean your eyeglasses? Dr. Horn suggests cleaning your eyewear with soap and water. You can begin with rinsing off the lenses with water then putting at least two drops of regular soap and then rinse with water. Make sure to scrub the nose pads, frame, and earpieces too. Wipe with a microfiber cloth and you’re done.

However, if you don’t feel comfortable washing your eyeglasses with soap and water, you can spray alcohol on every surface of it as an alternative. Just try to avoid wiping it with paper towels as this may cause scratches on the lenses. Also, it is better to air dry it instead of blowing it off with your breath since that can spread more bacteria. If you want to be extra sure, you can opt to use contact lenses when going outside to avoid wearing eyeglasses.

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