Different Ways of Coping With Vision Loss

As people age, they are most likely to experience vision changes and problems. There are solutions to address these age-related eye changes.

Presbyopia usually occurs after the age of 40. It refers to the condition where an individual is having a hard time reading small prints. The solution proposed is adding extra lighting when reading.

The pupil does not open widely as it did before and the lens inside the eye turns yellow as we age which is why the light that reaches the retina is not sufficient.

Consider the following adjustments to help in solving your problem:

  • Illuminate work areas by installing task lighting
  • Brighten work surfaces such as the sewing room or garage to provide enough lighting for you to see small details
  • Suggest additional lighting to your employer in the workplace

A regular eye exam is a must because there are tests to be performed in older eyes to detect age-related eye diseases. Ask for the advice of your eye doctor on the best option in correcting vision.

Different Ways of Coping With Vision Loss

What to Do in Permanent Vision Loss?

Permanent vision loss can take place because of age-related eye diseases such as glaucoma, advanced macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy.

Having loss of vision puts you in a hard state in the coping day by day because of the challenges you face.

Some devices can help people to overcome the challenges present which is the following:

  • Magnifying lenses that have an extra illumination for reading
  • Audio tapes and telescopes
  • Lens filter and shields that can reduce glare

Different Ways of Coping With Vision Loss

Ways in Coping With Vision Loss

Many people believe that permanent vision loss can make you feel useless but in reality, you can still have a fulfilling and rewarding life even with permanent vision loss.

Extra precautions are taken and assistance is given to people who are visually impaired. Some organizations provide services that can evaluate your environment for the risk of injury. This includes furniture placement because it can be dangerous if there is a clutter of objects.

Home assessments are done to check on the lighting in the house. Harsh lighting or dim lights should be replaced to give a more comfortable feeling and less glare on the eye because it emits less blue light.

Peer support is very important for people who deal with permanent vision loss. There are organizations for people with vision loss. It gives you comfort knowing that someone understands your struggle and shares techniques that can help you cope with daily living.

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