Do Night Driving Glasses Work?

People who usually drive at night look for specialized night vision glasses to help them with night driving. Night driving glasses range from $10 to near $100. Most glasses have a tinted yellowish hue which helps in reducing glare from streetlights, headlights, and neon signs. According to Andrew Iwach, an ophthalmologist, the effectiveness of night driving glasses are not so certain.

The concerns of Dr. Iwach points to having a limited or reduced amount of light getting to the eye when night vision glasses are worn. It means that it is actually harder to see at night with these glasses because of the tinted or polarized lenses.

Polarized or darkened lenses are popular because of the benefits it has in blocking glare in daytime driving. It is also useful to people who usually do outdoor activities such as fishing, skiing, or riding a bike. However, driving at night requires the eye to adapt to darker natural conditions. It comes along with different fast-changing lights near or far away.

Some users of night driving glasses mentioned that they can see better with them at night. However, there is no scientific proof that night driving glasses do work. In most low-light settings, you have to be careful about reducing the amount of light. Dr. Iwach warns.

Things to Do When You Are Having Trouble Seeing at Night

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These are the things that you can do to improve your vision while driving at night:

● Make sure that your car’s windshield is clean. Keep it clean inside and outside. Most people often forget the importance of cleaning the inside of the windshield. Take note that it is the part that is easily smudged.
● Check your windshield wipers regularly. Ensure that they are in a good condition and change them as needed.
● Headlights can get coated with road grime. Keep your headlights clean at all times.
● If you are wearing glasses, make sure that your prescription is checked regularly.

Is It a Serious Health Issue if I Have Difficulty Seeing at Night?

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For some people, trouble seeing at night is a serious health issue. There are a lot of possible causes which include conditions and diseases such as glaucoma, dry eye, or cataracts. Dr. Iwach advised people who think that their night vision is changing to see an ophthalmologist for a check-up. An ophthalmologist can help in diagnosing accurately and give appropriate treatment for night vision problems.

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