How Many Legs Do You See? The Internet Is Baffled by This Clever Elephant Optical Illusion

A simple sketch of a clever elephant optical illusion has been uploaded online by a Reddit user. He asked others to guess how many legs the elephant has, and the results were all over the place. To fool anyone looking at it, the artist utilized a really smart trick.

In recent weeks, a slew of optical illusions have swept the internet, but the latest may be the most perplexing yet. A Reddit user posted a basic sketch of an elephant from the 1980s online and challenged others to figure out how many legs they could see.

Men and women are baffled by the image as they discuss the answer online – and they still cannot come to a solid conclusion.

elephant optical illusion

The black-and-white image of this elephant optical illusion has ignited a heated debate, with men and women offering drastically different responses.

Some people believed the elephant had four legs, while others believed the elephant had five. What is the correct answer? There is only one properly illustrated or drawn leg.

“The reason you are having problems with this image is because of how the artist drew and illustrated the legs creatively,” one commenter explained. The back left leg of the elephant is the only one that is correct in the drawing. The other legs are not as well-knit as that one.

“If you look attentively, you will notice that the foot is missing from the rest of the legs. In other words, the artist cut the feet off the legs and sandwiched the images of the feet between the real legs. Look at the photograph closely and you will see what I’m talking about.”

Many individuals refused to believe it and continued to question the answer, claiming that there were four legs in total, even if they did not have feet.

elephant optical illusion

Another Image That Left The Internet Perplexed

This couple’s shot, which shows them posing beneath the night sky, may appear to be a standard romantic holiday photo, but it has left the internet perplexed.

The image, which the Archbishop of Banterbury published on Instagram, depicts a tanned couple posing for a snapshot in an exotic locale. On the other hand, the picture has caused a stir on the internet, with viewers unable to figure out what the woman in the photo is clutching.

Hundreds of users were left in tears because they mistook the woman for someone holding the tree in her arm.

‘F****** hell,’ says the narrator. The individual who uploaded the photo remarked, “I thought she was holding the tree!”

Thousands of individuals expressed their astonishment in the comments area, with many pointing out that she was simply holding her bag.

On Facebook, the perplexing snapshot has been ‘liked’ 40,000 times, with thousands of amused users sharing it.

elephant optical illusion

Users flocked to Facebook’s comments area in droves to discuss what they saw, with many needing to seek an explanation.

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