What Are the Eye Safety Tips at the Kitchen?

Eating nutritious meals is known to protect eyesight for a lifetime but preparing meals can be dangerous because of the kitchen tools that are present in the area. Not only the tools but some ingredients including onions can hurt your eyes too.

The best way to avoid common eye injuries in the kitchen is to use eye protection. If you injure yourself, visit an ophthalmologist or go to the emergency room if you are experiencing pain, redness, blurred vision, tearing, or feeling that there is something in your eye.

When you are cooking, there is a possibility that the oil and grease will splash in your eye and burn your cornea. To prevent this common injury, wear glasses, or use a lid on the pan. If the hit grease splashed in your eye, rinse it with water immediately to remove particles and the grease.

Do not use anti-redness drops in rinsing your eye. If there is a small grease splash, artificial tears may help to soothe your eyes. Consult your eye doctor if you think that there is something wrong with your eye.

Not only when it comes to oil but watch out for any splashing liquids. Food liquids are known to be dangerous because it is acidic that can make you tear up or have a stingy feeling. The raw chicken liquid contains bacteria that can cause an eye infection.

eye safety tips at the kitchen

Things You Need to Avoid for Your Eye Safety

When you are chopping spicy ingredients such as jalapeño peppers, do not touch your eyes because there can be residues. Wash your hands after preparing food or wear gloves. Rinse your eye with water if you accidentally touch your eye and do not put soap directly in your eye.

The knives, scissors, and other sharp tools that you use for chopping are dangerous. You need to be extra careful when you are handling sharp objects. The third most common cause of eye injuries in kids is sharp objects.

eye safety tips at the kitchen

What Should You Do to Prevent Kitchen Related Eye Injuries?

Keep the floors clean and top cabinet doors closed because it can cause eye injury if you forget that it is open.

Do not follow any urban myths or dangerous remedies such as honey that will change the color of your eye.

If you have a black eye, use an ice pack or ice cubes. Do not put raw meat because it is unsafe and you can develop a serious eye infection.

Call your doctor if you have an eye injury because they know what is the best treatment for you.

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