Why Does My Eye Twitch?

Eye twitching, also called eyelid twitching is a spasm of the muscles in the eyes. These are an uncontrollable movement of the eyelids that usually lasts a few minutes. However, some cases last up to a few days.

There are twitches that feel like they were obvious for others to see but in reality, most of these twitches are only subtle and can hardly be seen by others. Eyelid spasm is medically known as myokymia.

Why Does My Eye Twitch 2

What Are the Causes of Eye Twitching?

Possible causes of eye twitching may include the following:

1. Eye Strain – Stress, fatigue, lack of sleep, and too much thinking may cause eyestrain and dry eyes that can trigger eye twitching. The overuse of digital devices also causes eyelid spasms. If you are not following the “20-20-20” rule, then you might be putting too much strain on your eyes.

2. Caffeine – Excessive caffeine overexcited the nervous system and may cause eyelid twitching. Alcohol may also cause eye twitching.

3. Nutrition problems – A low magnesium level is said to trigger eyelid spasms. Inappropriate diet may deprive you of a healthy vision, consult your eye doctor for any concerns regarding your eye health.

4. Allergies – During an allergy attack, people tend to rub their eyes more than usual. Rubbing your eyes persistently during an allergy releases histamine into your eyelid tissues and tear film, which may lead to eye twitching. It is best to consult your eye doctor to be certain that you are not damaging your eyes in cases of allergies.

Why Does My Eye Twitch 3

How Do I Stop Eye Twitching?

The best way to stop eyelid twitching is to stop whatever causes it. Even the most minor changes in your diet and lifestyle can remarkably reduce eye twitching. Proper sleep, exercise, rest from digital devices, and cutting back on caffeinated drinks may help in reducing eye twitching episodes.

Some cases of eye twitching could be very persistent. In treating these rare cases, botox injections can help stop the involuntary muscle contractions in the eyelid that cause persistent twitching.

Worst comes to worst, you must see your doctor immediately if there are sudden changes in the appearance of the half of your face or you can no longer open your eyes normally. These can be signs and symptoms of medical emergencies such as stroke, neurological conditions, or other medical emergencies that require immediate medical attention.

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