Why Does My Eyesight Keep on Getting Worse?

It makes you feel bad if the result of your vision exam suggests that you need a stronger prescription for your eyeglasses. There are people who use their glasses for a short time such as when they are reading. Some people have a dependence on their glasses for all time use.

You do not have to blame your glasses if your vision keeps getting worse. It is normal for our vision to worsen as we age because our eyes will begin to change. There are a couple of reasons that contribute to why our eyes do not see well as they did on the last eye exam.

eyesight keep on getting worse

The Reasons Why Vision Keeps Getting Worse

  • Growing up

When you are a child, your eyes are small and it is not yet finished growing to its full size. Your flexibility and ability to focus are limited which is why it is common for children to be farsighted. Bodies grow as well as eyes wherein near vision can improve.

The changes in vision because of eye growth is more apparent when wearing eyeglasses. Updating eyeglass prescription is more frequent in children than adults because their eye development is continuous.

  • Growing old

Vision can deteriorate after the age of 40. As people age, they have less ability to focus because the eyes lose elasticity. When they are looking at close objects, there is a contraction in the eye and the lens thickens that makes the lens more convex.

Due to reduced elasticity because of aging, it is difficult for eyes to shape as they look at things closely. It is common for us to see aged people wearing eyeglasses because their eyes cannot compensate for the visual changes associated with aging. They need corrective lenses to help them to see properly.

  • Tiredness and eye strain

Blurry vision can be temporary because of eye strain. It is essential to take frequent breaks when you are using your eyes for something strenuous such as using a computer.

eyesight keep on getting worse

Why You Should Not Blame Your Glasses for Weaker Vision?

Many people believe the myth that your eyes get weaker as you wear glasses. If you leave your eyes uncorrected, it will be more difficult for you. Remember that prescription eyeglasses do not indicate that you have poor eyesight, it is a way to correct vision problems that you are experiencing.

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