How Fixing Vision Problems In Senior Citizens Affect Brain Health

Recently, there is a study from England that shows people who had cataract surgery have a better mental function later in life. Taking care of vision helps in improving sight for older adults but it has more benefits than that. The research compared the rates of cognitive ability or thinking of patients before and after they have cataract surgery. The rate slowed by 50 percent after cataract surgery over 13 years of follow-up. People who had cataract surgery have a slower rate of decline compared with beforehand surgery which is similar to the decline of people who do not have cataracts.

There are studies where visual impairment is associated with lower cognitive ability in older adults. Using cataract surgery to improve vision has not yet been determined to help in slowing changes in mental function. The study included 2,068 adults who had cataract surgery and 3,636 who do not have cataract. The researchers tested the memory of participants by asking them to recall 10 words. It was noted by the researchers that it is still not known by the scientists why vision problems affect the decline in cognitive ability. They think that the lack of physical activity can contribute to the problem.

How Correcting Vision Can Improve the Quality of Life

middle aged woman wearing an eye exam equipment

A study suggested that older people undergo cataract surgery to improve their vision which lowers their risk of falling and breaking a hip. Another study that involved 55- to 85-year-olds with cataracts is most likely to report difficulty with challenging driving situations. The struggle with daily activities can be observed in people who have problems with their vision.

According to Dr. Steinemann, a big difference will occur if vision problems are corrected including cataracts. Cataract surgery is an outpatient procedure that enhances the lives of people who suffer from cataracts. The quality of life is improved as eye conditions are treated in older patients.

Are Seniors Eligible for a Free Eye Exam?

middle aged man undergoing eye test

Individuals who are 65 or older are at risk of eye disease due to aging. It is the time when they are concerned about their eyes. They may be eligible for a free medical eye exam through the American Academy of Ophthalmology’s EyeCare America Program if they fit the qualifications. The importance of an eye exam is emphasized at this period of life because there are a lot of vision changes as people age.

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