Why It Is Important to Not Skip Preschool Vision Screens Even During Covid-19?

Visiting their pediatrician is a must for young children because it is important to check on their wellness. During the coronavirus pandemic, people are advised to stay at home and only go out if necessary. As a result, the eyes of children are unchecked because they can pay a visit to their doctor.

Delaying vision exams can delay the diagnosis and treatment of childhood eye conditions are present. Some children cannot afford to have an eye exam which means they are already missing out on something before the pandemic.

According to Aaron M. Miller, an ophthalmologist, the assessment of physical, developmental, social-emotional health is done during a visit to a pediatrician. Vision screening also happens with these appointments. Immunization is as important as early detection of diseases. It is better to detect it in an early stage to be corrected or treated immediately before it leads to a bigger problem.

important to not skip preschool vision screens

How the Coronavirus Pandemic Worsens the Disparities in Vision Care

According to a study by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, before the coronavirus pandemic has occurred, 6 out of 10 preschool-aged children only visit a health professional to get their vision screened.

The percentage of children showed that they were less likely to get their vision checked. Children who have parents that lack higher education come in 57%. Children that are living below the poverty level comes in 59%. Hispanic children who have got their vision screened come in 59%.

Almost 70% of the children have college-educated parents and 67% of children are living above the poverty level. There are 65% of children that are white and 63% of children that are African American received their vision checkup.

Before COVID, Hispanic children are at risk of developing serious eye diseases. Some studies showed how African American and Hispanic children are more likely to develop amblyopia and astigmatism than white children.

important to not skip preschool vision screens

What Is the Crucial Part in Skipping Preschool Vision Screening During Covid-19?

Young children cannot describe their vision problems which is why it is important to undergo vision screenings. Vision development is ongoing for young children. Early screening can help in detecting eye problems such as misalignment and refractive errors. These problems can be corrected until seven years old.

It is recommended to have regular eye check-ups even if there are no symptoms of eye problems. Visit an ophthalmologist if kids show signs of:

  • Strabismus or misaligned eyes
  • Amblyopia or lazy eye
  • Refractive errors such as myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism
  • Focusing problem

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