Improving Sports Performance Using Contact Lenses

Wearing eyeglasses can be a bother to others because of the frame. Some athletes use contact lenses for their vision problems and enhance their sports performance by giving them a wider field of view.

Contact lenses for sports are known for its numerous advantages such as:

  • It provides a better peripheral view. The style of sports eyeglasses is large and can be a nuisance while playing and it limits the peripheral vision.
  • It gives you an obstructed field of view because there are no eyeglass frames that block your view. You can easily see and react faster to objects coming from different directions.
  • It does not fog up when there is a change in weather such as rain. It remains clear regardless.
  • It gives you a more stable vision because you are running without it falling off like eyeglasses.
  • There is a less chance of injury because when your eyeglasses broke, it may cause an eye injury.

Improving Sports Performance Using Contact Lenses

Types of Contact Lenses for Sports

Soft contacts are mostly used by athletes but GP lenses are also given as an option. The advantages of RGP lenses over soft contact lenses are the following:

  • GP lenses are rigid and maintain the shape of the eye that creates a sharper vision.
  • It allows more oxygen to reach the eyes than soft lenses do.
  • GP lenses have a hard surface so they do not accumulate debris easily.
  • Dry eyes are not a case in using GP lenses because they do not absorb tears.

There are also disadvantages of GP lenses:

  • It takes a long time to be comfortable using it for sports even in a short time. Committing to using it full time will provide the best results.
  • The diameter is significantly smaller than soft lenses which increases the risk of dislodging it during sports.

Improving Sports Performance Using Contact Lenses

What Are the Best Sports Contact Lenses for You?

Wearing contact lenses is most preferable by many people because of the natural vision it offers. Some people find cleaning sports contact a hassle and inconvenient.

If wearing contacts is unsuccessful, orthokeratology is another presented sports vision correction option. It is also known as ortho-k or corneal refractive therapy refers to wearing a GP contact lens at night to reshape eyes for good vision without the use of glasses and contacts.

It is important to visit a sports vision expert to know the best eyewear solution according to your active lifestyle which can give you the best vision and comfort during activities.

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