Myths and Facts About Eyes

People probably heard a lot of things about their eyes but they might be confused on which ones are myths and facts about it. To protect your eyes, it is important to know what is the truth from what is not.

It is a myth when people say that sitting too close to the TV will hurt your eyes. The truth is no evidence shows that sitting in front of the TV can hurt your eyes. There may be instances where you heard that your eyes will go square if you sit close to the screen. If you sit too close to the screen, visit your eye doctor because it may be a sign of nearsightedness.

Parents remind their child to always open the lights when they are reading. It is a myth when you heard that reading in dim light can hurt your eyes. The fact is your eyes will feel tired or strained when you read in dim light. There will be no permanent damage to your eyes when you do this activity.

Not only sitting too close to the TV is the myth about making a child nearsighted. There is a myth that using a nightlight will make your child nearsighted. The truth is nightlight cannot harm the eyes of your child. A nightlight can help infants when it comes to focusing and eye coordination.

myths and facts about eyes

Can I Damage My Eyes When I Look Straight Into the Sun?

It is a bad idea to look directly at the sun. Ultraviolet (UV) light can result in blindness and is known to be associated with eye disorders including solar retinitis, corneal dystrophy, and macular degeneration. Remember to avoid looking at an eclipse because it is the most dangerous time. UV blocking contacts are available if the UV exposure is your concern.

People think that it is a myth when artificial sweeteners are assumed to make your eyes more sensitive to light. This one is not a myth but it is a fact. There are certain artificial sweeteners including cyclamates which causes increased light sensitivity.

myths and facts about eyes

Can Contacts Weaken My Eyesight?

It is only a myth when people say that contacts can weaken your eyesight. There may be a prescription change but do not blame your contacts. Make sure that your contact lenses are properly fitted because they can be harmful to your cornea and poorly fitted contacts.

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