Refractive Surgery with Blue Eye Clinic Milan

Refractive surgery in Milan and Vimercate to eliminate visual defects with the most advanced technology

Refractive surgery is a set of safe, effective, and definitive surgical techniques practiced successfully for years in our two centers of Milan and Vimercate thanks to well-prepared ophthalmologists who have great experience of these advanced technologies.

Refractive surgery allows the intervention on the cornea and/or on the lens to correct the most common refractive defects such as nearsightednessfarsightedness, and astigmatism.

We know that many people need to go back to seeing well without glasses or contact lenses. In everyday life, lenses and glasses can become a nuisance because they limit the freedom of movement both in the workplace and in sport.

Refractive surgery is therefore an effective alternative to the use of glasses and contact lenses. The correction techniques used are different (the main ones are the PRKLASEK, and LASIK techniques) and essentially differ in the preliminary preparation for laser action.

The choice to operate in the centers of Milan or Vimercate with one technique rather than another follows a careful evaluation of the patient to guarantee the best result of the refractive treatment.


What vision defects can be corrected?

With refractive surgery, it is possible to say goodbye to myopia, farsightedness, astigmatism, and presbyopia (which is not a disease, but an accommodative defect linked to the person’s age).

Each defect, therefore, has its own possible solution and in Blue Eye, we design a personalized intervention for each patient.

Which technique is better?

Naturally, each surgical technique has its own advantages and disadvantages. As an example, here is a comparison between PRK and LASIK:

PRK Pros

  • Less depth of laser treatment compared to LASIK
  • Also suitable for patients with thin cornea
  • No risk of corneal flap complications
  • Reduced risk of corneal thickness compromise

PRK Cons

  • Slower recovery than LASIK
  • It takes longer to reach the best possible vision
  • Increased risk of post-surgical infection, inflammation, and haze
  • Greater eye discomfort during the first phase of recovery compared to LASIK surgery

Preliminary Eye Examination – Pre-Refractive Examination

The eye examination to which the patient is subjected to verifies that the real visual defect is fundamental.

Through the pathological and ocular anamnesis, the surgeon checks the patient’s general state of health, the existence of previous diseases affecting the eye that could be grounds for exclusion from the refractive surgery, drug therapies, and previous therapeutic treatments or ones in place.

During the pre-refractive visit, the specialist doctor also understands the deepen motivations and expectations that push the patient to the intervention, especially after considering the specific professional and personal needs.

During the pre-refractive examination, a series of instrumental diagnostic tests are performed with the aim of verifying the patient’s suitability to undergo the operation. The complete eye exam includes:

  • examination of the extent of the refractive defect (subjective refraction);
  • the examination of the refraction in cycloplegia (the paralysis of the ciliary muscle present in the eye) to exclude the accommodative component of the crystalline lens which can affect  correct measurements;
  • routine instrumental exams such as tonometry, pachymetry, corneal topography, pupillometry;
  • endothelial microscopy, biometrics, aberrometry can also be performed.

Having acquired all the information, the surgeon shares to the patient the most suitable type of refractive surgery (PRK, LASEK, and LASIK) for the individual case, presenting the aspects of the intervention in the clearest way and answering the questions the patient asks him.

Blue Eye is the best choice for any refractive surgery in Milan and surrounding areas. Contact our specialists with confidence. The Blue Eye clinics boast the most advanced diagnostic and therapeutic technology and the best technicians and ophthalmologists specialists in refractive surgery.



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