Special Effects of Contact Lenses

The use of special-effect contact lenses is popular during Halloween night and special occasions. The soft contact lenses that are available in different designs are known as special-effect contacts or Halloween contact lenses.

Just like any other contact lenses, it can be used whether you wear eyeglasses or not because it is available both with prescription and without. All contact lenses including Halloween contacts require a prescription from eye care practitioners.

special effects of contact lenses

Designs of Special Effects Contact Lenses

The opaque tint is present in special-effect contact lenses because it is needed to cover up your natural eye color. Most costume contact lenses cover the colored portion of the eye but some special-effect scleral lenses cover the entire eye. It can be all-black or white that creates a haunting look.

Special effects contact lenses are used in the film industry to portray zombies, vampires, and other characters.

It is important to take note that novelty contacts are considered medical devices. You should go through the same process when you get eyeglasses or contact lenses. You schedule an eye exam for fitting and prescription. The fitting of special contact lenses is different.

“Big eye” lenses or circle contact lenses are one of the famous designs of special effect contact lenses because it makes you look like a doll or an anime character.

Purchase contact lenses in legitimate optical stores to avoid unsafe products. The cost of custom hand-painted designs is more than the special effect contact lenses.

special effects of contact lenses

Checklist for Safety Purposes

  • Even if you do not need vision correction, schedule a contact lens exam, fitting, and prescription.
  • Avail contact lenses from licensed ECP or known eyewear retailers. Make sure that they require you to have a prescription because there are unlicensed sellers who do not require a prescription.
  • Follow the instructions for wearing and caring for your contact lenses.
  • Do not forget to do follow-up eye exams.
  • Never share contact lenses with other people. It may look like a fun idea but it is not hygienic for you to swap lenses because it can damage your eye with the transmission of bacteria.
  • Do not wear this type of contact lens overnight because it is designed for daily wear only.
  • Remove contact lens if eye redness, swelling, or discomfort is present. It could indicate an eye infection.
  • Be careful in applying and removing fake eyelashes because it can cause eye irritation.

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