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7. Polycoria – Two Pupils in One Eye. This involves two or more separate pupils sharing one eye. This involves two or more separate pupils sharing one eye. In polycoria, the additional pupils are usually smaller than normal and are separated individually in a different segment of the iris. This can cause less light to enter the iris, which can cause dim vision and other problems with focusing.⁣ → Link

6. The Perfect Lens for Astigmatism. A lot of people think that they can’t wear contact lenses because of their astigmatism. For mild astigmatism, GP lenses and hybrid contact lenses are recommended. They both provide sharper vision than soft lenses do. It is very important to visit an ophthalmologist before trying these lenses for better guidance. → Link

5. What Are the Things You Should Not Do Before Getting Lasik? Before getting a LASIK procedure, you are given by your eye surgeon advice that you need to follow for you to have a safe procedure. During pre-op calls, you may be hearing things that you should not do rather than something to do. → Link

4. Why Do Sunglasses Have Different Lens Colors. Colored sunglasses lenses do not just make a fashion statement. They also aid in blocking light from entering your eyes. They do it in different ways, depending on the lens color. Some eyewear tints make colors appear more vibrant by enhancing them. Color distortion, glare reduction, light blocking, and even improved visual acuity are all benefits of tinting. However, not all colored glasses are appropriate for all situations. → Link

3. What Are Performance Sunglasses? Whatever sport or outdoor activity you enjoy, you are probably looking for ways to improve your performance. Most of the time, eyesight is an important performance factor, and sports sunglasses can support you take your game to the next level. → Link

2. Botox Injections and Their Effects. You may have seen advertisements for Botox Cosmetic on blogs and in celebrity gossip magazines or heard about it from friends. However, there are numerous misconceptions about Botox treatment and the way it is administered. → Link

1. Why Is Vitrectomy Performed? Vitrectomy or vitreous surgery can be used to address a variety of disorders. Surgery is recommended only when these four conditions are met. → Link

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