The Meaning Behind the Dream About the Eye and the Pupil

Dreams are common for us people to experience. Different interpretations are depending on what we have dreamt about. We all know that eyes are the window to our soul which shows the deeper reflection of what is within us. People are curious about what it means when you dreamt about the eye. Seeing an eye in your dream means a burden or responsibility that you carry around.

The eye in your dream indicates your caring, supportive, and giving attitude. You may have that fear inside not being able to meet the expectations of others which is the reason why you put a false image. An eye in your dream can also be about repressed anger and rage on someone. The dream can mean that an overwhelming struggle, shock, loss, or catastrophe will occur in life. The dream reminds you to be more carefree, worry-free, and light-hearted.

If it is not an eye but a pupil in your dream, it anticipates the pessimistic look you have in life. It has something to do with you expressing your true feelings about something. The issues you are experiencing might involve letting go of a part of yourself. The dream gives you guidance, direction, and unification.

Another meaning of pupil in a dream means the union of opposites and balances. You may be stuck in your current situation where it signals a form of deception. With this dream, there is something in store for you and you are ready to welcome any changes that will occur.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Both Eye and Pupil?

closeup of eye and pupil

You might not want to hear what it means when you dream about both eye and pupil. If you dream about both eyes and pupils, it is a warning for dissatisfaction in a relationship or situation. The circumstances can be described as someone in your life who did not keep their promise. The dream reminds you to control rages and anger and to be able to control difficulties and limitations.

It can also suggest your ability to shut people out and let other people in. The dream sends you a message about the power of healing. It emphasizes your need to listen up as you internalize emotions and keep everything inside.

The Meaning Behind Eye Color in Dreams

closeup of eye with makeup

These are the meaning of the color of the eyes you see in your dream:

Green eyes – wealth, greed, jealousy
Blue eyes – calm, clear, peaceful
Red eyes – anger, sadness
Purple eyes – losing self confidence

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