The Perfect Glasses for Round Faces

The secret behind choosing the best pair of eyeglasses for people with round faces is to create a contrast between your face and the frames of your eyeglasses. The perfect shapes for your frames are square or rectangular frames to balance your round features.

Mix and match some of the new trends like transparent or wooden frames. Experiment on different brands to find the perfect pair that compliments your features. Have a look at various flattering options for round faces.

Features of a Round Face

A round face has fuller cheeks which give off a more youthful appearance. The chin is rounder with a wider forehead at the top. In some people with round faces, their jawlines are softer compared to other face shapes. If this describes your facial features, worry not for there are hundreds of glasses styles that will offset your features flawlessly.

Picking the Right Glasses Frame for Your Face

Full-rim glasses

Strong angular lines look best against round faces with soft features. Full-rimmed glasses have thicker frames that enclose the lenses completely which can balance round facial features. This style comes in various designs such as the iconic Wayfarers, cat-eye, and rectangular.

Transparent frames

Back in 207, transparent frames were a big hit and it does not seem like it is going away anytime soon. May it be clear or with a very faint tint, these frame styles are almost invisible from a distance making it easy to see the soft features of a round face clearly.

Wayfarer glasses

The classic choice for people with round faces is the iconic Wayfarer-style glasses. These frames bring a touch of old Hollywood to your soft look. One more thing, the distinctive angles of Wayfarer glasses add contrast to round features.

Wooden frames

Wooden eyeglasses are one of the latest trends that look perfectly with round face shapes. The natural materials in these frames give this style an elegant feel.

People with round faces have so many stylish glasses to choose from in all sorts of shapes and colors. Try combining a pop of color to a frame that you like or you can opt to a more subtle neutral champagne color. But, make sure to select the right size frames for your face.

Keep in mind that if you have a round face, avoid choosing frames that are too small because they would not provide enough contrast to your facial features. They may also be uncomfortable to wear. Use the measurement between your temple width and pupillary distance to help you find the perfect fit.

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