Tips to Avoid Ripping Contact Lenses

People who wear contact lenses can feel frustrated if it is ripped out. There are more than 30 million Americans who use contact lenses and the majority of them wear soft contact lenses. People choose soft contact lenses because of the materials used that give them a comfortable feeling. A soft contact lens enables more oxygen to pass through which helps in keeping the cornea healthy.

These are the tips that you can follow to preventing rips in contact lenses:

  • It is important to avoid using fingernails when handling lenses. The tear in the contact lens is commonly caused by fingernails. Do not use nails when pinching from the center. A tip that you can follow when removing lenses, use the thumb and forefinger to slide the lens. Make sure to keep nails short and filed to prevent the occurrence of accidental nicks.
  • If your lens gets folded accidentally, you may rip your contact lenses when pulling the edges apart with your fingers. To prevent ripping, place the lens and pour a pool of saline solution in your palm. Gently massage it so it can open without creating any damage.
  • Keeping your contact lens moist is an important thing in maintaining the lifespan of contact lenses. Remember that if your contact lens is dry, it can be easily damaged. Store contact lenses in a solution all the time.
  • Use rewetting drops if the lens becomes dry in your eyes before removing it.
  • Do not use water or any other liquid to rinse contact lenses. Only use contact solutions.
  • Fill your lens case with solution because if it is only partially full, the lens can stick to the dry part and cause a tear when it is being taken out.

tips to avoid ripping contact lenses

What Is a Modulus?

Many people think that all contacts look the same but it is not. There are variations between different styles of contact lens including the design, material, and oxygen permeability. Modulus is one of the main variations which refers to the measurement of the resistance of the material to deformation when there is tension.

If the modulus number is higher, it means that it is a slightly stiffer lens. If the modulus number is lower, it means it is floppier which requires more handling because there is a potential tearing. Make sure to ask the eye doctor what is the best modulus for your eye.

tips to avoid ripping contact lenses

What Should I Do With a Torn Lens?

Stop wearing a contact lens that is torn even if it is just a small tear. A torn edge can scratch your cornea which can cause more problems. If you are removing a torn lens, make sure to add the rewetting solution to prevent the bits from sticking to the eye.

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