Travel Tips for Contact Lens Wearers

When vacation has come, there may be plans for a spontaneous weekend away or a long trip abroad. Some people spend their vacation on the beach. Individuals who have vision problems and wearing eyeglasses know the struggle of not being able to wear sunglasses because of their eyeglasses. Some people prefer wearing contact lenses when they are on vacation.

These are the following tips that can help you pack effectively especially when you are traveling with contact lenses:

  1. You need to carry a contact lens case, solution, and eyeglasses for you to have an option. In the plane, you may experience dry air which makes it very uncomfortable for your eyes.
  2. It is easier to pack daily disposables because you do not need to worry about bringing bottles of solution and maintaining the cleanliness of contact lens cases. Proclear 1-day is an excellent option for disposables. There are different modalities available and even if you wear it for 12 hours, it has 96% of hydration which is perfect if you are going on a long flight.
  3. You know that you will be needing to declare your contact solution because it falls under medical liquids. Do not worry and bring as much solution as you want.
  4. Check the bottles of the solution before travel because there might be a possibility of a leakage when the pressure inside has increased. You can squeeze half-used bottles to prevent this problem.
  5. Do not forget to bring your prescription or your doctor’s information. You will never be so sure of what will happen so just bring it in case something happened and you will be needing to get a new lens.

travel tips for contact lens wearers

Should I Bring My Glasses Even if I Wear Contact Lenses?

Many people will hesitate to bring their eyeglasses if they have one because they do not see the point of bringing them. It is the best thing if you bring your glasses as your backup because there may be instances where the air is dryer than it used to and allergens are present. Remember that you cannot wear contacts if your eyes are irritated.

Not just eyeglasses should be brought as a backup, contact lenses too. Even if you do not wear dailies, be sure to bring a spare pair in your luggage in case you lost the first pair.

travel tips for contact lens wearers

Can I Transfer My Solution to a Small Container?

I know that it is tempting to squeeze the solution into the travel bottles that you got but it is not safe because it may affect the sterility of the solution. If you want contact solution bottles that are travel-friendly size, you can buy them in a drug store.

The containers can leak because of the pressure present in an airplane. Your contact lens solution should be sealed in a zip lock bag to prevent your things from getting soaked if there is a leak.

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