Can Poor Eye Hygiene Cause Blepharitis?

A traditional Chinese practice known as eye cleaning or eye washing is done by street barbers in China. Xiong Gaowu is one of the Chinese street barbers that uses a straight razor to scrape the inside of their customers’ eyelids. The procedure is performed with an intent to promote ocular health. However, the American ophthalmologist warned people to never do the cringe-inducing procedure.

According to Dr. Anat Galor, an academy clinical spokesperson, eyelid hygiene only in the hands of eye care professionals is recommended. It is never ideal to get it with a non-eyecare professional. Doing so will put you at risk for infection. Accidents can happen by cutting the actual eye or catching an infection through the unsterile tools to be used.

There is a small gland lined in the eyelids which produces oil that keeps the tears from evaporating quickly. If the glands are blocked, the eye is dry and becomes uncomfortable. The common cause of dry eyes are blocked glands. An eyelid problem called blepharitis is also caused by a blocked gland. Blepharitis is an eye condition where there is an inflammation in the eyelids and a presence of dandruff-like scales on the eyelashes.

Can Stye Develop From Blepharitis?

can poor eye hygiene cause blepharitis

A complication that can develop from blepharitis is stye or hordeolum. It is similar to a pimple because it is red, painful, and has a pus-filled lump which is located at the edge of the eyelid. There are instances where it can pop on the inner part of the eyelid which is more dangerous. Symptoms include painful and swelling eyelids as well as tearing. Most styes disappear in just a few days which is good news for people who worry about it. To relieve any discomfort, apply a warm washcloth for 5 to 10 minutes several times a day. Avoid touching or rubbing your eyes especially with an unwashed hand.

Advice About Eyelid Hygiene

can poor eye hygiene cause blepharitis

According to Dr. Galor, these are the following eyelid hygiene advice you can follow:

● Wash your lids gently with warm water.
● You may use baby shampoo in washing your lids.
● To loosen any debris in the eye, use a warm compress.
● Consult an ophthalmologist or certified eye care professional if the home remedies you tried did not work.
● If you are using makeup, replace your cosmetic products including make-up brushes and mascara every six months. It is recommended to buy in small sizes to minimize the risk of eyelid infections.

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