Do Clear Sunglasses Protect You From the Sun?

Sunglasses are known to be popular protective eyewear if you are spending most of your time outdoors. You can get your sunglasses with a prescription or without as long as it can protect your eyes from the sun with the UV-blocking lens feature it has.

People think that they can only use sunglasses during the hot season. Every season, sunglasses are fundamental. During winter, you may experience the reflection of the sun into the snow. During summer, sunlight exposure is highest wherein you may need sunglasses to prevent overexposure.

Everyone is advised to use sunglasses to prevent developing an eye condition that can be a threat to their eye health. Investing in a pair of sunglasses is highly recommended to get proper UV protection.

do clear sunglasses protect you from the sun

Do Clear Sunglasses Provide UV Protection?

Many people are wondering if clear sunglasses work the same way that coated sunglasses do. You do not have to worry about getting a clear one or any color because they work the same and provide the same benefits.

The American Optometric Association (AOA) emphasized the importance of having UV-blocking sunglass lenses. Overexposure to UV light without proper eye protection can result in eye damage for both adults and children. The common eye problems you may experience due to overexposure include age-related macular degeneration, cataracts, and corneal sunburn.

Bright sun is not just the only issue people face when they are outdoors, glare has become an issue too. Clear sunglasses are a recommended solution for glare because they feature anti-reflective lenses.

Anti-reflective lenses are known to help in repelling the light that is cast from the sun to other surfaces including snow or water. Driving and hiking activities are much safer with the help of anti-reflective lenses.

do clear sunglasses protect you from the sun

Where Can I Avail Clear Sunglasses?

If you are interested in getting clear sunglasses, you may ask the eye care team to add a UV protection or anti-reflective coating. People are advised to avail lenses that can help in blocking UV light to reduce the risk of developing eye problems.

Be mindful that clear lens sunglasses work the same way as colored lens sunglasses do. They also provide extra UV protection with the UV-blocking lens that it has. You can decide what type of sunglasses matches your style because they provide you the same benefit.

Visit an optical store if you already have clear sunglasses but do not have a protective coating. You will be asking an eye specialist about the coating that you want to add.

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