The Effects of Sexual Activity in Vision

Not many people are familiar with the well-documented benefits of positive sexual choices for health and happiness. Sexual activity is also known as a factor that can affect eyes and vision. Safety must be prioritized as there is a possibility to go blind from STDs. It is important to be aware of how sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are acquired. The risk of getting an STD can be reduced by educating yourself, your partner, and by practicing safe sex.

Herpes can affect the eye. In the U.S. population, nearly 90% of the people are exposed to type I herpes which causes cold sores or fever blisters. Type II HSV causes genital herpes. Both types of herpes can show at any part of the body. It can also cause a serious infection in the eye or even blindness. If herpes infected the eye, it can scar the cornea or nasolacrimal duct permanently. It can also cause retinal inflammation that results in retinal detachments, blindness, and scarring.

Another STD is syphilis that causes sores and rashes. In the early stages, antibiotics can be given to prevent deadly effects on the body. The damage that has been done before treatment is irreversible. Inflammation of the conjunctiva, cornea, inner coat of the eye or uvea, outer coat of the eye or episclera, optic nerve, and retina can occur when syphilis affects the eye.

It is common to have an infected genital, anus, throat, or eyes if you have gonorrhea. Medication can treat gonorrhea but recently, some strains have become resistant to the medications used. A pink eye with large pus can occur when gonorrhea infects the eye. It is possible to pass gonorrhea from a mother to a child during childbirth.

What Will Happen if Venereal Warts Affect the Eyes?

effects of sexual activity in vision

Warts can appear on eyelids, mouth, genital, or anal mucous membrane. Venereal warts in the eye cause skin-colored bumps and irritation on the surface of the eye. It can affect the eyes if there is a direct contact between the eyes and warts. It is also possible when you touch the eyes after you touch warts. Proper hand washing can reduce the risk of acquiring infections.

Can AIDS Cause Kaposi’s Sarcoma?

effects of sexual activity in vision

HIV or human immunodeficiency virus can cause strokes and hemorrhages in the retina. It is also possible for a serious retinal infection called cytomegalovirus to occur. Retinal detachment and blindness can be the consequences of having CMV infection. Cancer called Kaposi’s sarcoma that appears on the eyelids or conjunctiva can be caused by AIDS.

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