Is Glaucoma Connected to Tight Neckties?

It is common for neckties to be required in workplaces. However, there is research that cited the alarming effects of tight neckties on our blood flow. The mayor of Lancaster California, Rex Parris, was inspired by this study which showed that tight neckties limit the blood flow to the brain because the arteries on the neck are pressed. He is now calling for neckties to be optional in the city.

Another study in the British Journal of Ophthalmology in 2003 showed that intraocular pressure is increased with tight neckties which is a risk factor for glaucoma. According to Andrew G. Iwach, an ophthalmologist and glaucoma specialist, it is too early to make recommendations to glaucoma based on the recent study. The research is interesting but it still needs enough evidence and tests to prove its full credibility.

How will I know if I am at risk for glaucoma?

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Some people have a higher risk of developing glaucoma. It includes people:

● Who are over the age of 40
● That has a family member with glaucoma
● Who are African, Hispanic, or Asian heritage
● Who has a high eye pressure
● Who are nearsighted or farsighted
● Who had an eye injury
● Who used long-term steroid medications
● Who have a cornea that is thin in the center
● Who have thinning of the optic nerve
● Who have health problems such as diabetes, migraines, high blood pressure, and poor blood circulation that affects the whole body

It is important to talk with your ophthalmologist about the risk of getting glaucoma. If you have more than one of these risk factors, you might have a higher risk of getting glaucoma.

What to Do for Effective Glaucoma Care?

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People who have glaucoma and those who are at risk for glaucoma should visit their ophthalmologists about daily activities and health goals. An ophthalmologist will advise you about the things that can make glaucoma worse. There is no direct research about the effect of neckties on glaucoma, it is not an excuse for you to stop using neckties.

There are different risk factors per individual. A recommendation will be given by your ophthalmologist to balance overall health with goals and activities that are appropriate to your situation. Do not hesitate to ask your ophthalmologist to separate internet myths from proven facts. The best options for effective glaucoma care are regular vision screenings and early diagnosis.

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