Is Makeup Bad for the Eyes?

Makeup is known to enhance the natural features an individual has. Most women are using makeup on occasions to make themselves more unique and stand out. In the history of makeup, lead-based powders have been dangerous but you do not have to worry because modern makeup does not contain any lead, mercury, and arsenic as it did before.

You may not worry about having lead in the makeup that you are using but you still need to make sure that the modern makeup that you are using is good for your eyes. The riskiest eye cosmetics include waterline eyeliner because it goes on the rim of the eyelid and false eyelashes or eyelash extensions. Not using these cosmetics properly increases your chance of developing an eye infection.

There are instances where makeup is flaky, dry, and powdery which can cause irritation, redness, and swelling when it falls into the eye. Be careful when you are handling an eyeliner pencil or mascara wand because if you accidentally jab, it can leave scratches on the cornea. When it comes to using a mascara wand, be careful because it gets contaminated the first time you use it and repeatedly use which can have a buildup of bacteria.

is makeup bad for the eyes

How to Protect Eyes When Using Makeup

  • Make sure to keep an eye on the expiration dates of makeup, especially mascara and eyeliner. It is better to use new makeup because old makeup is much more likely to cause infection and irritation.
  • Clean makeup brushes every time you use them.
  • Avoid putting eyeliner in your waterline as much as possible because it is dangerous that it is next to the tear film.
  • Do not ever share makeup applicators with your friends or anyone. You do not want to get bacteria from mascara wands. Sharing is a way to spread infections.
  • Buy colored contacts from trusted vendors with a prescription. Remember that you have a unique size and shape of eyes which is why the prescription is needed.

is makeup bad for the eyes

Should I Stop Using Eye Makeup?

The article is not saying that you need to stop using eye makeup because it is dangerous but it raises awareness on what eye makeup can do to your eyes. It is important for makeup users to know the risks and how to keep their eyes safe as possible when using makeup. Schedule an appointment with an eye doctor if you experience any swelling, redness, or other eye symptoms. Do not hesitate to ask your optometrist when it comes to the eye product that you are using.

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