Keeping Child’s Eye Safe From Toys

Children like to play with toys. Their parents and grandparents enjoy buying toys as they stroll in malls for their young ones.

Toys are the key to make children have a good time but some toys can put them at a serious eye injury which can sometimes result in vision loss.

Eye Injuries Related to Toys

There are more than a quarter of a million children who were rushed to emergency departments for having toy-related injuries according to the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission in the year 2017.

When adults are buying toys for children, they do not think that much about eye safety. A corneal abrasion is the most common eye injury that occurs with toys with the scratch that happens on the surface of the eye.

It is important to think about eye safety when buying toys for children to avoid these injuries.

Keeping Child's Eye Safe From Toys

Toys That Have a High Risk for Eye Injuries

These are types of toys to avoid giving children because it poses a high potential risk for eye injuries.

  1. Any type of toy guns because they shoot lightweight and cushy darts that can cause serious eye injury when used at close range because of the speed.
  2. Water guns can cause serious eye damage especially when it is used at close range. Water balloon launchers can result in blunt trauma to the eye.
  3. Toy fishing poles are dangerous because the other end can end up in the eye of your playmate.
  4. Toy swords or sabers can poke your eye that can cause serious eye damage as well.
  5. The aerosol string contains chemicals that can cause eye irritation. It can also cause chemical conjunctivitis which is a type of pink eye and corneal abrasion.
  6. Flashlights and laser pointers because the intensity of light can cause permanent vision loss. These types of toys should never be used by children because it can cause accidents.

Keeping Child's Eye Safe From Toys

Guide in Choosing Eye-safe Toys

Before buying toys for children, it is important to ask for suggestions from the parents because they should know what type of toy you will purchase. It is a better choice to shop in-store than online because it allows you to see the features of the toy.

Check the toy packaging because there is a recommended age range of children. It may help you to know what is the appropriate toy based on the age and personality of the child.

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