TEN 04.05.2022 Monthly News

7. Phakic Intraocular Lenses for Nearsightedness. Implanting an intraocular lens is another option for people who are unable to undergo LASIK or other laser vision correction surgery to treat their nearsightedness. The Phakic intraocular lens (IOL) was found to be healthy and efficient after five years in a recent review.⁣ → Link

6. Video Games as a Potential Lazy Eye Cure in Children. Amblyopia or lazy eye is a disorder that typically begins in infancy and early childhood affecting the visual acuity of the eyes. Eye doctors have found that video games are a different yet fun way to treat amblyopia, or lazy eye, besides corrective lenses, patching, and eye exercises. → Link

5. The Process of a Comprehensive Eye Exam. There are a lot of people who do not know the series of exams that will be done during an appointment with an eye doctor, mostly when it is their first time or they had it a couple of years ago. Different tests and procedures are performed to examine your eyes. The duration of an eye exam depends on the quantity and complexity of tests required to test your vision and oversee the health of your eyes. → Link

4. What Is Shingles (Herpes Zoster)? Shingles are characterized by a painful red rash with blisters that break open and scab over. The herpes zoster virus is to blame for this. Chickenpox is caused by the same virus. The virus persists in your body’s nerve cells after you have chickenpox. You may not have any symptoms if it remains dormant (inactive). However, the infection can reactivate at any point, causing new issues. → Link

3. How to Deal with Psoriasis Around the Eyes. Psoriasis is an inflammatory skin disease that can affect any part of the body, including the eyes. Unfortunately, most people who develop psoriasis will have it for the rest of their lives, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. The good news is that there are ways to manage it. → Link

2. Refractive Eye Surgery: Which Is Right For You. Refractive eye surgery refers to any surgical procedure used to fix vision problems. In the recent years, we have seen huge advances in this field. Until contact lenses were popularized in the 1950s, eyeglasses had been the only practical way to correct refractive vision errors. Refractive and laser eye surgery allow many patients to see better than any other time in their lives. → Link

1. Tips For Finding The Best LASIK Surgeon. Once you have decided to have a vision correction procedure such as LASIK, the next important thing to do is to find the right surgeon who will ensure that the eye surgery will be safe and effective. Taking time to choose the best surgeon is a vital step in attaining your vision correction goals. It is best to research several providers and do some evaluation first before you select who will perform your procedure. → Link

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