Tests and Training for Sports Vision

As an athlete, it is important to have excellent visual acuity because it affects the way you perform. There are different sports vision tests and training that helps athletes to assess their eyes.

tests and training for sports vision

Different Types of Sports Vision Test

  • Snellen Eye Chart is the most common test. It makes you read letters from the chart that are placed 20 feet away from you. The chart consists of letters that come in different sizes — big to a smaller size. If you have trouble reading Snellen’s eye chart, you probably need to get your eyes checked. Eyeglasses or contact lenses is recommended to improve visual acuity.
  • Contrast Sensitivity Tests focuses on how you can identify the shade of stripes in the background.
  • Eye-tracking devices assess your eyes in following moving objects. A popular assessment is done through the computer. It is not just an assessment but it can also be a training to improve your eyes in following objects in motion which you can use in sports.
  • Ocular alignment tests assess the alignment of both eyes. It is done by covering one eye and observing how the eye responds to the visual stimuli which can determine if the other one will respond the same.
  • Hirschberg test is an example of a method to check ocular alignment, it determines how the light reflects in the cornea of the eye.
  • The eye dominance test assesses what eye is dominant. Miles test is the simplest method to determine which eye is dominant. It starts with forming a triangle and framing a spot to look at and close one eyes. You will know that it is your dominant eye if it has a stable view of the spot that you framed. Most photographers know which of their eyes is dominant because they use it to peer through the viewfinder of their camera. Stereopsis or binocularity might be the problem if the non-dominant eye loses focus within a short period.
  • Depth perception measurements determine one’s ability to see in three dimensions. Howard-Dolman apparatus is a test to measure depth perception.
  • Visual processing speed and hand-eye coordination determine how fast your eyes react to objects in motion. It can also be used for training to improve hand-eye coordination by developing faster reaction time by catching or hitting the ball.
  • Eye teaming test determines how your eyes work together as a team. Saladin Near Point Balance Card is an example of this test. It can measure and detect the disparity in your eye.

tests and training for sports vision

Importance of Test and Sports Vision Training

The result of eye testing and sport will determine the specific training program that you need. The program will help you in improving your skills such as knowing the direction of where the ball will fall and aiming for the right target. Computer simulations or visual imagery are also used as tools for training.

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