Tips in Buying Costume Contact Lenses

When Halloween is coming, many people are buying colored contact lenses to make it a final touch for their costumes. Be cautious in buying because not all costume lenses guarantee the safety of the wearer. It is an important thing to have a guide in buying costume lenses and care for them properly to avoid serious eye complications.

Many people think that costume contact lenses are not medical devices but it is also classified even if it is only for appearance. You will be needing a prescription when you are buying costume lenses even if you have the perfect vision or 20/20 vision. The prescription for contact lenses will be regarding the fit of the lenses in your cornea.

Make sure that the vendor asks for your prescription before they sell to you because it is illegal in the United States to sell contacts without a prescription. Do not buy when they do not require you to provide a prescription because they are breaking safety laws. Do not worry about paying a little more as long as you know that you are buying from a trusted vendor.

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Is Eye Shape and Size Important in Contact Lens?

Know that eyeballs do not come in one identical shape and size. Some people believe that one size fits all contact lenses. The truth is if you tried wearing on a contact that does not fit the curve of your eye, you may be at a greater risk for eye injury. You do not want to risk your eyesight just for being stubborn. Getting a prescription is worth the time and it guarantees your safety.

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How to Take Care of Costume Lenses

After getting a contract that fits your prescription from a trustworthy vendor, you will need to do your job to take proper care of them and use them appropriately. It may help to decrease your risk of eye infection by following these tips:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly before handling and removing contact lenses.
  • When contacts are in, touch or rub your eyes as little as possible.
  • Do not clean your contacts with different substances besides fresh contact lens solution. Never use water to clean it.
  • Clean and store contact lenses in a fresh contact lens solution. Do not reuse your solution because it is unhygienic and is already contaminated.
  • Read the instructions carefully about your contact lenses. Make sure that you follow the recommended time of wearing it.
  • Do not sleep with contact lenses on.
  • Use eye drops to maintain moisture in the eyes.

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