Travel Tips For Eyes

Being far from home makes you anxious because of emergencies that can occur. It is hard for you to be in a new city and get into accidents or injuries. Some eye conditions can result in permanent vision loss if not treated right away. Anne Summers, M.D., a comprehensive ophthalmologist and world traveler, gave some travel tips.

People do not see the need of packing two pairs of glasses. You will never know what will happen on your trip. Just to be sure, make sure to bring two pairs on every trip. Accidents can happen such as losing your glasses into the ocean or during a tour. If you wear contact lenses, it is a good idea to bring glasses and an extra pair of contacts.

If you are leaving on a jet plane, be ready for dry eyes. Eyes dry out on airplane rides. Make sure to take out your contacts before sleeping. Pack over-the-counter drops to lubricate your eyes when it feels dry and irritated during the trip. Avoid rubbing your eyes as it can worsen the situation. If you know that you have eye allergies, glaucoma, or dry eyes, do not forget to pack eye drops.

There may be instances where your eyes will feel uncomfortable and you will feel the need of removing your contacts. It is important as well to bring a contact lens case in your carry-on baggage. Do not store your contacts in water because it is not sterile and it can cause serious eye infections. Make sure that you bring a contact lens solution to store your contacts.

Should I Visit an Ophthalmologist if There Are Changes in My Vision?

travel tips for eyes

Many people are tempted to wait until they get home to visit an ophthalmologist. It is important to emphasize the need of visiting an ophthalmologist as soon as you observe any vision change because it can indicate a serious condition. It is better to act early than regret it later on. It does not matter if you do not feel any pain because it is not a reliable sign of the extremity of the condition.

How Can I Enjoy My Travels Without Harming My Eye?

travel tips for eyes

You can enjoy your travels as long as you take care of your eyes. It is better to be prepared for any eye emergencies so make sure to pack all the things that you need. It is worth repeating to never ignore any changes in your vision because it can be a sign of health problems. Consulting an ophthalmologist can help you understand what is happening to your eyes.

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