Why You Should Visit An Ophthalmologist

The recent survey has shown that people nowadays are so busy that they rarely visit an eye care professional. Many people are confused about what an ophthalmologist is and why you need to visit one. An ophthalmologist is a trained physician and surgeon who is knowledgeable in health conditions that are related to the eye. These are eye care professionals that can diagnose and treat eye diseases. There are instances where they can diagnose and treat systemic diseases while they collaborate with a specialist or primary care physician.

It is recommended for healthy adults to have their eyes dilated and undergo a comprehensive eye exam by age 40 which can help in preventing vision problems. A regular eye exam is known to boost your health. Your ophthalmologist will evaluate and consider your risk of disease which is usually influenced by age, race, and family medical history. Knowing this will direct you in having a proper health screening at an appropriate time.

Eye diseases are needed to be detected early to preserve vision. The majority of eye conditions are silent which do not display any symptoms. The only way to detect is by consulting an ophthalmologist. Your vision may be partially impaired by the time you notice your symptoms. It is common in eye diseases such as age-related macular degeneration, ocular melanoma, or glaucoma.

What Are the Eye Conditions That Indicate the Need for Medical Attention Immediately?

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  • Eye infections that can lead to complications including blindness
  • Acute eye injury that can impair vision
  • Change in vision or sudden blurriness
  • Double vision that can sometimes be a warning of a nerve injury or a systemic brain condition
  • Sudden loss of vision even if it comes back right away may be a symptom of a potentially blinding eye condition

Importance of Visiting an Ophthalmologist

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Regular eye check is important for people with diabetes. Controlling blood sugar and regular checkups are ways to protect eyes from diabetes. If you are considering LASIK or other refractive surgery, an ophthalmologist will need to make sure if you are a good candidate before letting you do it. Vision is known to be the sense people rely on the most. Visit your ophthalmologist which can help in determining ways to protect your eyesight.

An ophthalmologist is there to guide you in making healthy lifestyle choices. Eating eye-healthy foods, exercising, and protecting eyes from UV light are some ways to protect vision. The tips are personalized depending on your situation. If you are planning to take supplements or vitamins, consult an ophthalmologist who can help you understand potential risks and benefits.

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