What Are the Worst Things for Your Eyes?

There are things that we do not know how harmful it is for our eyes. We present eye threats in some daily activities that we do.

Some people want to change the appearance of their eyes and they resort to eyeball tattooing. Serious complications such as infections, inflammation of the eye, retinal detachment, and blindness can occur with eyeball tattooing. Seek an ophthalmologist for a safer way to change appearance such as purchasing colored contact lenses.

Changing your lifestyle is important if you want to protect your eyes. Smoking is related to cataracts, macular degeneration, and glaucoma. If you quit smoking, you can protect your eyes.

When it comes to diet, you need to eat a lot of leafy green vegetables, orange-colored vegetables, fruits, beans, and nutrient-rich foods that are best for your eyes. If you have a severe dietary deficiency, it can lead to blindness.

Do not ignore existing health conditions such as high blood pressure because it can affect your eyes. Diabetes is one of the common causes of blindness because blood vessels in the eye can leak when blood sugar levels are high.

worst things for your eyes

Bad Habits When It Comes to Eyewear

Not wearing sunglasses is a real threat to our vision. Not all people know the importance of wearing sunglasses. UV radiation from the sun damages the surface tissue, cornea, and lens of our eye. Too much UV exposure can cause cataracts and eye cancer. Wear 100% or UV400 sunglasses to protect the eyes while spending time outdoors.

Even when it comes to sports and games, it is important to wear protective eyewear to prevent serious eye injuries. The common eye injuries in athletes are retinal detachments, bleeding inside the eye, and ruptured eye.

Eyewear is a requirement when you are working in construction, with chemicals, or even home projects. 90% of injuries can be avoided if you wear protective eyewear.

worst things for your eyes

Things You Must Avoid to Protect Your Eyes

People rely on the internet on how they will treat their condition. Do not do any home remedies. It is a priority to ask your ophthalmologist about it before doing anything.

Make sure that you use appropriate medications. There are instances where superglue is mistaken as an eye drop. Separate eye drops from household appliances.

Clean your contacts daily. Wash your eyes before touching your eye. Do not wear contact lenses as instructed because it can threaten your vision. Always consult your eye doctor before buying and using contact lenses.

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