Why Is There a Discoloration in the White of My Eyes?

The sclera is the term called for the white part of the eye which is the protective layer that covers 80% of the surface of the eyeball. If you have a healthy sclera, it should appear white. There are instances where the sclera appears on different hues.

The discoloration of the sclera can indicate an underlying health condition. If you have experienced a discoloration of your sclera, consult right away with your ophthalmologist. A lot of people are confused about the cause of the different discoloration in the white of their eyes. Be aware that there are different possible reasons why your sclera can turn into different colors.

discoloration in the white of my eyes

What Does It Mean if the White of My Eyes Turn Yellow?

If a small yellow tissue bulges in the conjunctiva, it can be a pinguecula. It is a result of ultraviolet damage and from wind and dust. The patches can be inflamed and turn red. If pinguecula is left untreated, it can develop into pterygium or “surfer’s eye”. It can cause vision problems because it is larger and can block your vision with the expansion of this growth in the cornea.

If a sclera appears to be yellow, it may indicate jaundice. Jaundice occurs because of the buildup of old red blood cells. If the liver, gallbladder, or pancreas are not functioning properly, jaundice may occur. Contact your doctor as soon as you notice that your sclera turns yellow.

What Are the Brown Spots in My Sclera?

For African Americans, it is normal to have brownish spots in their sclera because of the high levels of dark brown pigment or melanin which is harmless. There are instances where the brown spot is a nevus or freckle in the eye.

Brown spots can also indicate a serious condition. Primary acquired melanosis (PAM) starts with a flat brown spot on the eye that is not painless. It looks like a freckle but it changes slowly as time goes by. It is common in middle-aged people and it usually appears in one eye. If left untreated, it can be cancerous and life-threatening.

discoloration in the white of my eyes

Can Medicines Make the White of My Eye Turn to Blue or Grey?

Certain medicines can make your sclera have a blue-grey tint such as Minocycline, an antibiotic. Not just the sclera but it can also make the skin, ears, teeth or fingernails have a blue-grey tint.

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