How Does Pollution Affect Your Eyes?

Pollution not only affects our overall health but also our eye health. We are aware of how air pollution can cause health issues such as asthma and heart disease. Some people do not know that air pollution can affect your eyes which causes different eye symptoms.

With the pictures captured in Beijing, you can see the levels of smog. As it can be seen in Beijing pollution you will not believe how the air quality went to that level. You will not be needing an environmental expert or medical doctor to say that the air quality is not good for living things because you will realize it by yourself. There are bad effects of smog on the eyes.

If you are wearing contact lenses, your eye doctor probably mentioned how air pollution can damage your contact lenses which can harm your eyes. One of the reasons why contact lens wearers choose daily disposable contact lenses more than monthly to avoid creating damage to the eyes. If your eyes get irritated, you should immediately remove the lens and clean it with a contact lens solution.

how does pollution affect your eyes

How to Protect Eyes From Pollution

These are tips that can help in minimizing the eye symptoms in a polluted environment:

  • Bring sunglasses and wear them every time you are walking outside. Sunglasses are not only to protect your eyes in the sun. It can also protect your eyes from pollutants from getting into your eyes. You may want to try butterfly and wrap lenses because they can cover a larger surface of the eye which is better.
  • Avoid going out when the pollution is at its peak. It is best to stay indoors for a moment.
  • Use lubricating eye drops to soothe irritation, dry eyes, and relieve dry eyes.

how does pollution affect your eyes

How Blinking Can Help Our Eyes

There may be instances where you blink numerous times to remove something that gets into your eyes. People may assume that blinking just splashes water on our eyes but the tears it produces has three layers and it has their purpose. The average time that we blink is around 12,000 times a day. We are doing it so often because our eyes need moisture.

Remember that it is important to protect your eyes as you protect your internal organs from air pollution.

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