How to Prevent Vision Loss From Glaucoma

An eye condition called glaucoma damages the optic nerve of the eye slowly. Some people with glaucoma are not aware that they have it. They usually lose their vision first before being able to notice any problems they have with their eyes. It is important to have a regular eye exam because it plays a big role in saving eyesight. Glaucoma can result in vision loss and is irreversible. An ophthalmologist does not know how to stop glaucoma from developing yet. Gladly, there are ways to prevent vision loss and blindness caused by glaucoma.

If you know that you are at risk for glaucoma, visit your ophthalmologist for a regular eye exam. Glaucoma is a silent thief of eyesight. The only way to detect it is by undergoing eye exams. In the early stages of glaucoma, ophthalmologists can monitor and treat it. If you have glaucoma, make sure to do your part to take your glaucoma medications as the doctor prescribed.

Protecting your eyes from injury and sunlight are some ways to prevent vision loss from glaucoma. Glaucoma can occur due to eye injuries. It is important to wear protective eyewear when you are doing sports or while working in the yard. There is also some evidence stating that glaucoma can be caused by the UV rays of the sun.

What Is the Role of Lifestyle in Preventing Vision Loss From Glaucoma?

woman undergoing eye basic test

People are constantly reminded to eat well to see well. Eating plenty of leafy green vegetables and colored fruits every day protects your body and eyes because of the vitamins and minerals they contain. Some studies suggested that consuming eye-healthy foods is better than taking vitamins when it comes to preventing glaucoma.

Make sure to exercise carefully. If you do an intense exercise, there is a possibility that your eye pressure can raise as your heart rate raises. It is better to do regular exercise at a moderate pace to prevent an increase in your eye pressure. It is also important to mention to your ophthalmologist about blood pressure medicine because glaucoma can worsen as your blood pressure drops too low during sleep.

Can Sleeping in the Right Position Prevent Vision Loss From Glaucoma?

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People with glaucoma or at risk for the disease are advised to avoid sleeping with their eyes against the pillow or on their arm. Avoid head-down positions because they can greatly raise eye pressure. If you have an exercise routine, ask your doctor about the head-down position. Get tested for OSA if you snore heavily. People who have obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) are known to be at risk for glaucoma or a more serious disease.

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