Is It Normal to Experience Sudden Brightness in Vision?

It is a requirement for clear vision to be able to see light. If the lens of your eye is in an abnormal form which makes it unable to direct the light to the retina that results in blurry vision. You may observe this in many refractive errors including astigmatism. People are wondering if sudden brightness in vision is normal. Take note that any light flashes or changes in color perception indicate an eye issue that needs medical attention immediately.

Regardless of your age, sudden brightness in vision can happen. If you notice that your vision appears to be lighter than usual, you might want to observe if there are any streaks of light. If you have experienced these symptoms, it can suggest retinal problems which require treatment by an optometrist immediately.

Sudden photophobia is not always connected to sudden brightness in vision. If you experience sudden photophobia, it can be a result of spending too much time under the sun which causes your cornea to be sunburned. Even if you have light sensitivity or night, it is a must to call your eye doctor right away if vision is bright and uncomfortable. You will undergo a visual assessment to determine what is causing it.

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Causes of Sudden Brightness in Vision

There are so many forms of sudden brightness vision including well-lit marks in direct line of sight. Remember that these marks may indicate retinal problems which means you need to undergo a comprehensive eye exam right away if you experienced this symptom.

Flashes of light can make your vision appear brighter. If light flashes occur with increased eye floaters, your eye doctor will check if there is retinal detachment. The cause of light flashes is due to too much pressure on the retina.

If you have migraines, you may experience light flashes. Misshaped lines or random lights in vision can go on for half an hour or more. Make sure to get in touch with an optometrist right away if your child complains about light flashes or sudden brightness in vision.

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How to Protect Eyes That Are Sensitive to Sunlight

Light sensitivity and sudden brightness are not necessarily related. Some people just have eyes that are sensitive to light. If you experience sudden photophobia or light sensitivity, it is a good idea to consult with your optometrist to know what is causing it. Photokeratitis can be another reason which indicates sunburn in the cornea due to too much exposure to UV light.

The eye doctor will recommend a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from excessive UV light. No matter what the cause of light sensitivity is, it is best and safer if you wear sunglasses every time you go outside. You can also ask for a prescription for your sunglasses.

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