What Is a No-Line Bifocals?

There may be instances where you find yourself keeping a distance between a book and face. The reason behind it is because you have tired eyes which occur after focusing on working for long periods. If this condition is familiar to you, you might want to check if you have presbyopia which is common in adults over age 40.

A comprehensive eye exam will be needed to diagnose presbyopia and the eye doctor will recommend corrective lenses that can help in magnifying your vision. Bifocals glasses are the recommended eyewear if you have presbyopia. You may feel hesitation if you never tried wearing lined lenses before.

Many people are wondering if there is such a thing as no-line bifocals. The truth is no-line bifocals exist. You know them but not as no-line bifocals because it is called progressive lenses. These types of lenses are excellent when it comes to correcting symptoms of presbyopia.

We all know that bifocals cover two prescriptions, while progressive lenses no-line multifocals can handle three prescriptions. You may feel uncomfortable the first time you wear progressive lenses because it gives you trifocal power without lines on glasses.

pieces of eyeglasses

How Progressive Lenses Work

You need to know the three primary visual areas which are:

  • The top of the lens will benefit you the most if you are nearsighted in addition to being presbyopic. There are instances where you want to peer through the upper portion of the lens while driving which can help in clearing up vision when looking at a far distance.
  • Middle of the lens will help you when you are working on the computer because it can help in alleviating eye discomfort that is due to overusing intermediate eyesight.
  • The bottom of the lens will help you if you are farsighted mostly when you are reading because you will be able to get the best clarity when you look down.

It may take a few days to several weeks for you to adjust to no-line bifocals. Do not rush and just give yourself time to adapt. You will be happy with your decision once you get to experience how natural progressive lenses can help your eyes.

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Cost of Progressive Lenses

The price of progressive lenses or no-line bifocals usually depends on the brand of the frame that you want. The progressive lenses usually start as low as $130. There are a variety of frames for progressive lenses for you to choose from. You can ask for help from the eye care team to fit the progressive lenses on your face to make sure they are comfortable to wear.

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