TEN 01.06.2022 Monthly News

7. 7 Strangest Eye Conditions. People are not aware of the strangest eye conditions that exist. When they hear things such as hairy eyes, red eyes, and cat eyes, and bloody tears, they think that is all in the movies. The truth is these are real eye conditions even though it looks like carnival acts. Is it possible to have a hairy eyeball? Yes, it is possible as the case of a 19-year-old Iranian man has told. He developed limbal dermoid, a rare cyst, on his right eyeball where hair grows. The tumor is composed of skin cells that were misplaced in the eye during the time that he was in the womb of his mother.⁣ → Link

6. Is It Normal to Have a Hazy Vision After LASIK? Many people misunderstood something about the LASIK procedure. LASIK is a known surgery that provides you a better vision. Do not expect your vision to be perfect as soon as you rise from the bed. That vision does not come in one snap, it takes time and adjustment for it to be clear. Do not believe in the idea of getting an immediate crystal-clear vision. → Link

5. Why Do Contacts Feel So Scratchy? If you are in a perfect world, you may think that your contact lens will not cause you discomfort. The reality is your contacts will feel so scratchy like the feeling of wearing the scratchiest and tiniest wool sweaters. It is important to know the possible reasons why your contacts feel so scratchy to address them properly. → Link

4. What Are the Changes in Your Vision as You Age? People who are in their 20s or 30s do not spend their time worrying about their eyesight in the future. Some people start at a young age with bad eyesight. It is important to take extra steps to protect your ocular health. → Link

3. 5 Things Your Eyes Can Reveal About Your Health. It is amazing how your eye exam can reveal a lot about your overall health. It is not only focused on your eye health rather, it can even detect early signs of diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and can even save your life! → Link

2. What Is Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP)? The eye illness retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) affects some premature babies born before 31 weeks. A full-term pregnancy is between 38 and 42 weeks long. It is a condition that affects the retina, which is the tissue in the rear of the eye. The retina detects light and transmits information to the brain, allowing you to see. Unwanted blood vessels form on the baby’s retina as a result of ROP. These blood arteries can potentially cause major eyesight and eye disorders. → Link

1. Different Types of Eye Floaters. Not all eye floaters are the same because they can look different to different people. There are different types of eye floaters which vary in shapes and shades. Eye floaters are said to be “spots” by many people but it comes in different forms. → Link

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